How to brew tea

Brewing a perfect cup of tea

All teas are not brewed the same, depending on the type of tea you will use different temperatures, and steeping times. Steep time and temperatures will vary and make a difference in the taste. Herbal teas and black teas can be steeped longer and at higher temperatures. Green and white tea can get bitter if steeped to long.


Green Tea 180 to 185 degrees range 

White Tea 175 to 185 degrees range

Oolong Tea 185 to 206 degrees range 

Black Tea  206 to 212 degrees range

Herbal Tea 206 to 212 degrees range

Rooibos Tea  206 to 212 degrees range

For black and herbal tea, you can let the water come to a rolling boil, but for green tea and white tea, bring the water to a pre-boil, just at the beginning of the bubble is formed, and remove  it from the heat.

How much loose leaf tea?

1 teaspoon 

Note: You can alter the amount according to your taste by adding more or less, or by adding sweetener or lemon.

How much water?

8-12 ounces of filtered or spring water. You want to avoid using tap water, as it really can affect the taste of your tea. 

How Long?

Herbal and black tea 3-5 minutes

White and Green tea 2-3 minutes (keep in mind green and white can become bitter if you steep to long) 

Note: You can adjust your steeping time according to your taste. 

Teaware and tools recommended for brewing a perfect cup of tea

Scale or measuring spoon




Strainer or Tea Filter 


Perhaps you may prefer your tea on the stronger side, or a more astringent flavor because you enjoy adding cream and sugar, or you might like to drink your tea on the mild side, so you make like a brew that is a tad weak. Whatever your flavor preference, we are happy to provide you with simple guidelines that take you closer to “your” perfect cup of tea! 

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